40th Anniversary Festival
February 7th and 8th - New York City
February 10th - Washington, DC
March 6th - Fukushima City
March 7th-8th - Tokyo




Mayumi Miyata, Sho


photo by Stephen Kahn
Wu Man, Pipa


photo by Lisa Marie Mazzuco
Richard Stolzman, clarinet

40th Anniversary Festival:

East Asian Vibrancy
Highlights of MFJ Commissions III

Music From Japanís 40th anniversary will be commemorated with exciting cross-cultural collaborations between musicians from Japan and its neighboring countries, China and Korea. Ned Rothenberg, a groundbreaking American composer, will write a piece for internationally acclaimed performers playing traditional instruments from these East Asian nations. We are excited to bring this program to New York City, Washington, DC, Tokyo, and Fukushima, and hope to travel to Seoul and Beijing or Shanghai as well.

In addition, Music From Japan will continue its long tradition of working with composers by commissioning and premiering works by two prominent Japanese composers, Michio Kitazume and Yoichi Sugiyama. These new compositions will be presented alongside a retrospective of pieces that Music From Japan has commissioned during the past four decades.

East Asian Vibrancy

February 7th: New York City
February 10th: Washington, DC
March 6th: Fukushima City
March 8th: Tokyo

Classical instrumentalists from China, Korea and Japan will perform both traditional and contemporary musics from their respective countries as well as a new composition by American composer Ned Rothenberg, a composer and multi-instrumentalist at the forefront of American musical innovation. Mayumi Miyata, a world renowned sho performer who is credited with bringing the sho from the world of millennia-old gagaku into the world of contemporary composition, will work closely with Mr. Rothenberg, teaching him the intricacies and subtleties of the instrument. Already a proficient shakuhachi player and student of Japanese music, the composerís knowledge will be deepened and broadened by this exchange. Mr. Rothenberg will also confer with Jin Hi Kim (komungo) and Wu Man (pipa) about their respective instruments as he writes this new piece. Through this exciting cross-cultural exchange we are hoping to improve relations between these three East Asian nations. Finally, in the interest of enlightening concert-goers, performances will be supplemented by lecture-demonstrations and open forums that will give audience members deeper insight into the rich musical heritage of East Asia.

Highlights of Music From Japan Commissions III

February 8th: New York City
March 7th: Tokyo

To celebrate Music From Japanís forty year history of introducing Japanese composers to the US, two new works will be presented alongside a retrospective of compositions commissioned in previous years. For the new commission, Michio Kitazume will compose an ensemble piece for cellist Fred Sherry and clarinetist Richard Stolzman, and Yoichi Sugiyama plans to write a piece featuring soprano.






photo by Caroline Forbes
Ned Rothenberg, Composer


photo by Patricia Santos
Jin Hi Kim, Komungo


photo by Ken Howard
Fred Sherry, Cello