Composer Name: Toshi Ichiyanagi

Composition Name: Scenes II for Violin and Piano

Composition Date:                       1978 
Configuration:                         Duets
Featured Instrument:                   Violin
                                       Piano Forte
Japanese Instrument(s):                N
Length:                                12'
Players:                               2
Version (Original/Revised):            O
MFJ Presented:                         Y

Recording Title:                       Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi
Released:                              1988
Performers:                            Kaori Kimura and Kishiko Suzumi
Label Name:                            Camerata
Recording Format:                      Compact Disc
Commercial/Non-Commercial:             C
Recording (American/Japanese/Other):   J
Release (American/Japanese/Other):     J
Solo/Compilation:                      C
Item Number:                           32CM-52
Number of Copies:                       1 

World Premiere Venue:                  Sogetsu Hall
World Premiere City:                   Tokyo
World Premiere Date:                   1/78
World Premiere Performers:             Kenji Kobayashi, Toshi Ichiyanagi
Name of Publisher:                     Zen-On Music Company
Article/Review:                        R

Publication:                           The New York Times
Title:                                 Pianist:  Aki Takahashi
Author/Critic:                         John Rockwell
Publication Date:                      4/28/80
Reaction:                              Positive
Synopsis:                              "Scenes II" for violin and piano was also compelling- a steady
                                       chain of notes from the piano and alternatly slithery and
                                       forceful interjections from the violinist."
Origin (American/Japanese):            A

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