Composer Name: Toru Takemitsu

Composition Name: Three Film Scores

Composition Date:                       1994 
Configuration:                         Orchestra
Japanese Instrument(s):                N
Length:                                12'
Players:                               N/A
Version (Original/Revised):            O
MFJ Presented:                         N

World Premiere City:                   Gstaad
World Premiere Sponsor:                CineMusic Festival
World Premiere Date:                   3/9/95
World Premiere Performers:             English String Orch., W. Bouton, cond.
Name of Publisher:                     Schott Japan Company Ltd.
Comments:                              Full score and parts for hire.
Article/Review:                        R

Publication:                           The New York Times
Title:                                 Japanese Music of Today And a Posthum...
Author/Critic:                         Allan Kozinn
Publication Date:                      4/22/96
Reaction:                              Positive
Synopsis:                              "Possessed of a keen ear, he produced a lovely blues movement for the
                                       film 'Jose Torres' and a persuasive Viennese waltz for 'Face of
                                       Another.' Between them was...trenchant funeral music from 'Black Rain'
Origin (American/Japanese):            A

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