Composer Name: Shin-ichiro Ikebe

Composition Name: Oedipus Wandering for Joruri, Male Chorus...

Composition Date:                       1984 
Configuration:                         Chamber Orchestra
Featured Instrument:                   Joruri (narrative)
                                       Mixed Chorus
Japanese Instrument(s):                Y
Length:                                18'
Players:                               N/A
Version (Original/Revised):            O
MFJ Presented:                         Y

Recording Title:                       None
Label Name:                            None
Recording Format:                      Audio cassette
Commercial/Non-Commercial:             N
Solo/Compilation:                      C
Item Number:                           0
Number of Copies:                       1 

World Premiere Venue:                  Lincoln Center
World Premiere City:                   New York City
World Premiere Sponsor:                Music From Japan
World Premiere Date:                   2/3/86
World Premiere Performers:             Toyotake, The Gregg Smith Singers

Other Premiere Venue:                  Radio Broadcast
Other Premiere City:                   Osaka
Other Premiere Sponsor:                NHK-FM
Other Premiere Date:                   1984
Article/Review:                        R

Publication:                           The New York Times
Title:                                 Five Local Premieres
Author/Critic:                         Will Crutchfield
Publication Date:                      2/5/86
Reaction:                              Positive
Synopsis:                              "The work is in contrasting sections, and has a strong dramatic
                                       feel to it; Sakitayu Toyotake was unmistakably commanding..."
Origin (American/Japanese):            A

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