Mr. Masao Endo

Birthplace:                            Tokyo

Award:                                 Special Prize
                                       Agency Cultural Affairs
Year:                                  1979
Studies:                               Tokyo Nat'l U. of F.A. & Music
Compositions on file:
   Like a Mysterious Sea Forest,1984
Aqua Planet,1990
Autumn Rain,1992
Binary Star Dialogue for two Mandolins,1992
Chamber concert,1971
Eddying Waves,1986
Foaming eternity,1984
Garden of Eternity,1985
Green Sky, Dominated by Golden and Red Sun,1978
Labyrinth of Lines,2004
Locus 1,1974
Locus 2,1974
Marine Snow,1985
Music for two violins,1973
Negative picture of meditation,1980
Pandora's box,1995
Path of the Wind for Violin & Violoncello,1988
Piano Quintet,2004
Pinnacle of Wind,1999
Rainbow in the mirror,1989
Sculptured Tradition for tuba & piano,1983
Spiritual Ablutions I,2005
Spring of the Radiance,1989
String quartet no.1,1997
Sunspot for Five Percussion Players,1982
The Cradle of Stars,1991
The End of the Pastoral,1993
Toki no Niwa,0
Trinary Star 1,1991
Trio Tropus I,1994
Wave's Puff,1986
Wind's Corpuscules,1987
Wind's Corridor for Alto Recorder and Guitar,1977
Zephyr with outstretched wings,1986
and so become the water,1989
flare I No. 1-5,1995
flick flex flow,1997
into the crevice of wraped jade ray...,1995
play - echo - play, and then   1,1989
play - echo - play, and then   2,1990
play - echo - play, and then   3,1992
pray to the earth, to heaven,1991
time scroll I,1997
time variables 1,1993
time variables 2,1993
time variables 3 alpha beta,1995
time variables 4,1996

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