Mr. Shin Sato

Birthplace:                            Mito, Japan

Award:                                 1st Prize & Comp. Award
                                       Mainichi Music Comp.
Year:                                  1961
Award:                                 Jap. Fest of Arts Grand
                                       Prix-"Suite for Chorus"
Year:                                  1964
Award:                                 Torino Prize
                                       "In Search of the Immacu.
Year:                                  1972
Award:                                 Italia Prize
                                       "When there are no fish..
Year:                                  1973
Award:                                 F.A. Festival Grand Prize
                                       Jap. Ministry of Culture
Year:                                  1983
Award:                                 Cultural Achievmnt. Award
                                       Edogawa Ward
Year:                                  1989
Award:                                 Kan'ichi Shimofusa
                                       Music Award
Year:                                  1990
Award:                                 Work of Art Award
                                       Jap. Ministry of Culture
Year:                                  1993
Studies:                               Tokyo University of Arts

Article/Review:                        R
Publication:                           WP, TS
Date Pub.:                             4/15/85
Reaction (Positive/Negative/neUtral:   U
Compositions on file:
Ballad for Orchestra,1992
Concerto for Orchestra,1987
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra,1983
Sinfonia III,1979

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