Mr. Shin-ichiro Ikebe

Birthplace:                            Ibaragi, Japan
                                       Winner 2002 nihon hoso kyokai hoso bunka sho

Award:                                 35th Mainichi/NHK
                                       First Prize for compos.
Year:                                  1966
Award:                                 Ongaku-no-Tomo
                                       "Symphony I"
Year:                                  1968
Award:                                 Salzburg TV Opera Fest.
                                       "Death Goddess"
Year:                                  1971
Award:                                 Japan Art Festival Awards
Year:                                  1974
Award:                                            "
Year:                                  1982
Award:                                            "
Year:                                  1983
Award:                                            "
Year:                                  1984
Award:                                 Italian Broadcast Award
                                       two of them
Award:                                 Mainichi Movie Concourse
                                       two of them
Award:                                 Japan Academy Music
                                       three of them
Studies:                               Tokyo U. of Fine Arts & Music

Article/Review:                        R
Publication:                           NYT, NYP, DN, LIP, SWN
Date Pub.:                             12/21/76
Reaction (Positive/Negative/neUtral:   U
Article/Review:                        R
Publication:                           NYT
Date Pub.:                             2/05/86
Reaction (Positive/Negative/neUtral:   U
Compositions on file:
A Letter without address,1993
A Tree, A House and A Son, A Fairy Tale by...,1986
A suspected Legend,the origin of an island,1998
A-Hum Chimerique, for conductor & 14 players,1968
Akuma No Houshoku, Suite in 7 pieces for...,1984
Almost A Bamboo,1979
Almost a tree,1996
Ascension for piano,1974
Au Fond d'un soir...,1999
Ballet "Cleopatra" - her love and death",1983
Ballet "Mobile et Immobile",1984
Bivalence I,1997
Bivalence II,1997
Bivalence III,1999
Biwa Denrai,1992
Blank Blank Blaze,1982
Bokutachi no sagashimono,1999
Carmen, Capriccio based on G. Bizet,1989
Cello Concerto, Kini onagiku,1996
Chansonnier Cordiforme,1993
Chichibu-Bansho, Opera in 2 Acts,1988
Chorus Opera "Taro's Tree" (1st Version),1991
Clipper By Nine,1971
Clouds' Walk, 17 piano pieces for children,1982
Concerto for bn. & orch.,1999
Creature, Music For Ballet,1974
Crepa in sette capitoli,1966
Deux Ballades, for Alto & Piano,1966
Dohzan (The Copper Mine),1973
Doronko No Uta, Suite for 5 pieces for...,1982
Drip Drop Drip,1978
Dugong's Lullaby,opera,1996
Echigo-Jishi for Sangen and Orchestra,1983
Eight Chapters on the Wind,1996
Elegiac Lines, for the strings,1982
Elephant Rhetorics,1992
Emerald Colored Haze,1997
Energeia Pour 60 Executants,1970
Enkatainment, for Mixed Chorus a capella,1977
Five Chansons by Garcia Lorca, for Male Chor.,1987
Flash! for the groups of flutes in 4 X 3,1972
Flute Flux, for Flute Orchestra,1986
Folksongs of Orient I, 5 pcs. for Mixed Chor.,1984
Folksongs of Orient II,1992
For A Beautiful Star - Cantata,1990
For The Sky, And For The Earth,1985
For the Earth, Music For Dance,1989
Foret, Three pieces for Baritone & Piano,1966
Four Children's Songs,1992
Four Love Songs From Shakespeare,1980
Freezing Field..Glaring, Cantata,1996
From Dawn, And Toward Dawn,1982
From the inside of Rubble,1995
Fuyu Ni Mukatte, Suite in 5 pieces for...,1979
Hajime No Uta,1980
Hana No Shiki, 11 pieces for Female Chorus...,1982
Hataraku to iukoto,1998
Hatsukoi Monogatari, Suite in 6 pieces for...,1986
Herstory, Suite in 6 pieces for Female Chor.,1990
Hi-Fire, for Electone,1990
Hi-Tristess for Ryuteki & Alto Flute,1989
Himeji - Symphonic Poem,1989
Hiro-No Tsuki, Three pieces by Bocho Yamamura,1967
Hitches in the Stories, 23 piano pieces...,1988
Hoichi, The Earless,1982
Hokkai (The Northern Sea) Swells,1992
I Hear the Piano...Amadeus?,1983
Ibun: "Bocchann", Suite in 5 pieces for...,1983
Ima Wa Nai Kigi No Uta, Suite in 5 pieces...,1989
In The Beginning...for a Sangen (w/echo),1980
January 17.1995,1996
Jintai Shi Shou Shou, Suite in 6 pieces...,1990
Kageru, for 17-string Koto,1979
Kaze No Kohseki, 8 pieces for Mixed Chorus...,1985
Kazoku Awase,1998
Kigi Ga Mebuku Toki/Michi, for Sop. and Piano,1966
Kita No Matsuri, Suite in 4pcs for Mixed Chor,1981
Kodai No Utage, for Mixed Chor. & 2 perc.,1988
Kohru, for Koto solo,1977
Kusabi - Music for Dance,1972
La Terre est bleue comme une orange,1989
Landscape, for Wind Ensemble,1989
Les Bois Tristes,1998
Lion, for Brass Instruments in 4x4,1969
Little By Little, 5 pieces for Mixed Chorus..,1984
Little Piano Pieces for children,1982
Mandolin Mandriale, for Mandolin Orchestra,1986
Manyou-Hitachi No Uta, for Nar.,F-Chor & Pf,1985
Meiji Wa Tooi Takekurabe, Suite in 5 pieces..,1986
Minato No Kokoro, Suite in 4pcs for Chorus,1985
Mito, Or The City Of Whirling Water,1989
Mizu-Kuguru Mongatari - Music for Dance,1984
Monovalence I, for Marimba,1972
Monovalence II, for harp,1973
Monovalence III, for Voice,1973
Monovalence IV for Marimba & other percussion,1975
Monovalence V for double bass & electronics,1975
Monovalence VI for Mitla,1977
Mouvement Pour Orchestre,1965
Music Fantasy "Time, You are Beautiful",1991
Nani ga Miemasuka,1991
Never Ending Story - Musical,1984
Oedipus Wandering for Joruri, Male Chorus...,1984
On Ne Badine Pas Avec L'Amour - Musical,1982
On a Treetop for koto,1995
On the other side of Rain,1978
Ongaku - The Crossing of Koto and Poem,1973
Oshichi, She is in the flame -Music for Dance,1978
Oshidori, for Koto and Shakuhachi,1992
Ousama, Suite in 3 pieces for Male Chorus,1985
Overture "Mito",1989
Overture for Nile,1988
Overture for the Coming of the New Spring,1986
Overture for the Song Lovers,1990
Overture for the Time of Flying Star,1984
Pansy Etude,1993
Petite Symphonie,1969
Piano Concerto II "Tu M'...",1987
Piano Concerto No.1,1967
Poppy Etude,1997
Quadrants, for Japanese Instruments & Orch.,1974
Quatrevalence II,1997
Rain,Wind and Spring Night,1999
Red Shoes, Musical Drama,1975
Reki, for Shakuhachi, 2 Kotos, 17-string Koto,1971
Requiem "Inochikoso",1994
Retsu Retsu fu,1993
Return To The Terra, Suite in 8 pieces for...,1990
Rhythm Cassette, 16 piano pieces for children,1982
Ru-Ru-Rui Fu for Shaku, 2 Kotos & Jusichi-gen,1980
Rui, for the group of Kotos in 5x4,1972
Sa, for Sho & Japanese Drums,1990
Safari I, for Six Percussionists,1990
Safari II, for solo Percussionist,1990
Shizu-Uta, for Fictitious Japanese Dance,1980
Sho no Katachi,1998
Silene..Lui, ou? coucou,1999
Six Lullabies, for Female Chorus & Piano,1980
Six Lullabies, for Mixed Chorus & Piano,1978
Six Lullabies, for Voice & Piano,1975
Sohmon I & II, for mixed Chorus a capella,1970
Sonate pour violin seul,1965
Sonatine pour piano,1963
Songs for the Lost Trees,1989
Spiral, for Nine Horns,1979
Spontaneous Ignition, for Orchestra,1989
Strata I for String Quartet,1988
Strata II for Solo Flute,1988
Strata III for Clarinet and Violincello,1989
Strata IV for Oboe and Doublebass,1994
Strata V for String Quartet,1995
Sumidagawa, Suite in 5pcs for Mixed Chorus,1989
Sunday - A Protest Song With Old Spirit,1986
Symphonic Sketch "Fantasy of Ryukyu",1993
Symphonic Sketch "Hokkai Swells",1992
Symphonic Sketch "Mountain/Fragrant",1994
Symphonic Sketch "River/Shout",1988
Symphony No.1,1967
Symphony No.2 "Trias",1979
Symphony No.3 "Ego Phano",1984
Symphony No.4,1990
Symphony No.5 "Simplex",1990
Symphony No.6 "On the Individual Coordinates",1993
Symphony No.7 "To the Sympgony of a Drip",1999
Tadoru Katachi,1998
Takeru - Music for Dance,1979
Taro In The Wonder Woods - Musical,1985
Taro's Tree-chorus opeara,1991
Ten Idaten for 10 perc.,1999
The Adventure of Pinnochio - Musical,1981
The Airmail toward a Hope,1993
The Dawn/Ocean,Mountain, Rivers and Human..,1996
The Death Goddess, Opera in 2 Acts,1971
The Echo of Kukai,1999
The Forest without Color,1996
The Glossy-Leaved Forest,1995
The Grave Posts in the Sea,1993
The Lonely Fish, A Fairy Tale by Chorus,1981
The Piece,1997
The Ring of Affections, Suite in 5 pcs,1972
The Search for Songs,1994
The Shape of Gyration,1999
The Shape of Soil for drum ensemble,1998
The Silence - Musical Drama for Radio,1977
The Sky, Sea & Mountain of Yawatahama,1993
The Thrilling Tale, for Boy's Chorus & Piano,1986
The Times of Quickening,1999
The Whistling of Wind -Musical Fantasy for TV,1976
The Window - A Musical Drama,1986
Thermal Conductivity,1995
This is the World of Harmony between Mankind,1991
Three Children's Songs,1996
Three Pieces, for Tambourin & Piano,1988
Three Trdaitional Children's Songs,1997
Three Wonder Occupations, 3pcs for Mixed Chor,1978
Time, You are beautiful,1991
To-To Taru, Ichi-Taisui - Music for Ballet,1986
Toki No Kioku, 4 pieces for Mixed Chorus & Pf,1985
Toki Wa Nagaretemo, 6 pcs for Female Chorus,1982
Toki Wa Nagaretemo, 6 pieces for Mixed Chorus,1980
Towards the Voice of J.S.,2000
Trio, for oboe, clarinet & bassoon,1965
Trivalence I,1971
Trivalence II,1973
Tsuji-ongaku-shi no Tsuji-goroku,1992
Tsumugu, for 20 string Koto solo,1971
Tu sens la terre et la riviere,1994
Twelve Fairy Tales written up in the sky,1990
Two Piecese for female chorus,1997
Two Songs,1992
Umi No Trumpet, The Children on Tsushima...,1989
Un-En, for 2 kotos, 17-string koto & strings,1970
Utage I,1964
Utage II,1986
Utage for Alto & Piano,1963
Violin Concerto,1981
Watatsumi No Iroko No Miya,1990
Yamashiro no Kuni Fudoki,1998
You Smell of the Earth and the River,

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