Mr. Michio Mamiya

Birthplace:                            Hokkaido, Japan

Award:                                 3rd Prize-Sonata piece
                                       Mainichi Music Comp.
Year:                                  1950
Award:                                 Grand Prix of Salzburg
                                       Opera(Narukami)in Austria
Year:                                  1974
Award:                                 Otaka Prize
                                       Deux Tableux pour Orch.
Year:                                  1965
Award:                                 Art Festival Prize
                                       Serenade for Soprano...
Year:                                  1971
Award:                                 Fukuyama Prize
                                       Deuxieme Sonata
Year:                                  1974
Studies:                               Tokyo Academy of Music
Compositions on file:
3 Invention for piano,0
5 Children's songs for chorus,0
5 Finnish Folk Songs,0
Children's Field,1963
Composition for Chorus II,1962
Composition for Men's Chorus,0
Concerto No.3,0
Concerto for 9 players,1972
Concerto for Orchestra,1978
Concerto for violin and orchestra,1959
Concerto per violoncello & orchestra,1975
Deux Tableaux pour Orchestre,1965
Deux Tableaux pour Orchestre '65,1965
Deuxieme Sonate pour piano,1973
Homage to Chestnut Hill,1974
Japanese Folk Song Collection,0
Karasu Kanemon Kanzaburo,0
Kio for cello and shakuhachi,1988
Mammoth Cemetery,1972
Music for 3 Kotos,1957
Music for 4 kotos,1957
Nihon no Uta,0
Piano Trio,0
Quartet for Shakuhachi, Sangen & Two Kotos,0
Serenade for Sop., 2 Vns., Vla., V.C. & F.P.,1971
Six Japanese Folk Songs for vc and pf,0
Six Preludes,0
Sonata No.1,0
Sonata No.2,0
Sonata No.3, Spring,0
Sonata for Violoncello solo,1968
Sonata for violin solo,1970
Sonata for violin, piano, perc., & contrabass,1966
String Quartet No. 1,1962
String Quartet No. 2,1980
String Quintet,0
String Quintet, Adapted for String Orchestra,1983
Three Movements for Wind Quintet,0

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