Music From Japan
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Festival 2017

Music From Japan (MFJ) is pleased to announce another season of Japanese music education, performance, and exchange. For its 42nd season MFJ will present its second year of the Artists Residence Program to facilitate dialogue between composers, critics and music scholars from the US and Japan. MFJ will also present two concerts of Japanese music, one featuring the works of Kenji Sakai, and one curated by Japanese critic Fuyuko Fukunaka.

On Saturday, February 18th, and Sunday, February 19th, MFJ will present two concerts. The Saturday concert, The Works of Kenji Sakai, will feature several of the composer’s pieces, including one new work commissioned by MFJ. On Sunday, New Directions in Japanese Contemporary Music will be curated by musicologist Fuyuko Fukunaka. All of the music will be performed by the Music From Japan Chamber Ensemble, a group of world class musicians based in and around New York City.