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Founded in 1975 by current Artistic Director Naoyuki Miura, Music From Japan continues to preside as a leading presenter of Japanese contemporary and traditional music in the United States and the world. After four decades of touring throughout North and South America, Central Asia and Japan, Music From Japan has presented roughly 700 works, including 109 world premieres and 100 commissions (for both Japanese and American composers). Over the course of 48 years, 204 Japanese composers have been showcased, as well as many traditional Japanese pieces. Music From Japan was honored for its activities when the organization received the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation in July 2007. Mr. Miura was awarded the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Award in December 2007, Sen Kayoko Award from the Soroptimist Japan Foundation in November 2010, and the Gen-On Special Award (given by the Japan Society of Contemporary Music) in 2012.



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