Music From Japan

Music From Japan Festival 2021

Saturday, March 6 at 7:00pm: The Works of Tomoko Hojo, Click here to stream
Sunday, March 7 at 5:30pm: The Works of Kazuya Ishigami, Click here to stream

Music From Japan Festival 2021 Program
Music From Japan Festival 2021 Brochure

Music From Japan Festival 2021 will introduce a radical new format for MFJ. Interdisciplinary artists Tomoko Hojo and Kazuya Ishigami will bring a weekend of performances coupled with sound installations and multi-channel electronic compositions. The Works of Tomoko Hojo will feature four performances of work composed in the past three years, including two new works commissioned by MFJ. The unconventional, interdisciplinary presentations engage the space through movement, audio feedback, and installation. The Works of Kazuya Ishigami includes five works, with three world premieres of new pieces commissioned by MFJ. These are for electronics and alto saxophone, bass clarinet and shakuhachi, and will be performed by renowned performer/composer Ned Rothenberg. Two older pieces pre-recorded for the festival by the composer, will also be streamed .

Due to COVID-19, all performances will be free and live streamed from Scandinavia House in Manhattan. There will unfortunately be no in-person audience this year.