Music From Japan

Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Music

For its 19th Season, MFJ presented “Traditon and Innovation in Japanese Music.” Before kicking off the season, some of the featured composers had their pieces broadcasted on a special program with WNYC. “Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Music” included three days of music and one symposium. The first day, March 18th, marked the second edition of the featured composer series, “The Works of Teizo Matsumura” included not only performances of some of Matsumura’s pieces, but also a pre-concert lecture by the composer. March 19th included the interesting juxtaposition of traditional Japanese instruments with modern electronics. The program featured works for koto, shakuhachi, shomyo, and computer, in various combinations. Two works were commissioned by Music From Japan: Mamoru Fujieda’s Night Chant No. 3, for shomyo and computer, and Hinoharu Matsumoto’s Dawn Bird for shakuhachi, koto, and computer. The third and final day of the New York City festival featured compositions for guitars. “Resonance of Guitars” featured two more Music From Japan commissions: Akemi Naito’s Winter Shadow for guitar duo, and Shoko Suzuki’s Roving Coyote Rising Moon for guitar, banjo, and flute. To close out the 19th season, Music From Japan traveled to the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California to present an evening of music for koto and shakuhachi on March 23rd.


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