Music From Japan
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Woodwind Repertoire

MFJ opened their 17th season at the Asia Society with solo performances by Masahito Tanak (bassoon) and Yasuaki Itakura (clarinet). “Woodwind Repertoire” included compositions by Keiko Fujiie, Atsuki Sumi, Toru Tamura, Choji Kaneta, Akira Miyoshi, and Akio Yasuraoka.

Masters of Tradition

On March 19th, MFJ presented another edition of “Masters of Tradition” at the Kennedy Center, this time including one Japanese and two American composer-instrumentalists: Meisho Tosha, Anthony Braxton, and Richard Teitelbaum. Two of the compositions, Braxton’s Composition No. 166, and Teitelbaum’s Intera, were commissioned by Music From Japan. On March 21st, the group of musicians traveled to the Asia Society in New York City to perform the same program, which was followed by a symposium on the 22nd. Finally, Music From Japan brought the same program to the Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles, California on March 25th.


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